An NFT Collection To Launch A Web3 Universe

Convinced he has discovered Hellebore (the mythical third moon of Mars) space entrepreneur Neon Tusk is determined to build a better home for the citizens of Earth. The ‘Renegades’ (die hard fans of British rock band The Fated) soon discover that their ticket to the show is also a ticket into space. With a wild crew at his disposal, Neon sets off on the journey of a lifetime.

The Renegades will organize, compete, defend and explore. They will establish their own currency and decentralized organizations built around their passions and interests.

Chapter 1

The Fated

In the 1980's a gritty British band, The Fated, exploded onto the European scene. Outplaying and out partying their better known counterparts, The Fated toured recklessly to sold out crowds. Unwilling to have their music defined by any one recording, they refused to release an album. Preferring instead to leave their legacy in the hands of their rowdy fans, appropriately nicknamed the Renegades. After an extended break they’re back where it started for a one night only special event, presented by Neon Tusk.


A collection of 2,400 unique and programmatically generated NFTs. Tickets are 0.05 ETH. Each ticket will reveal one Renegade. The Renegades are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Renegades for life

Your Ticket To A New World

The ticket is only the beginning. The Renegades follow The Fated for the art, the adventure and access to an experience that most won’t understand. There are no rules. We’re going everywhere.

A "can't miss" show:
Only 2,400 Tickets are available
The Renegade DAO:
Community Owned Brands
Follow alongside the story:
Each chapter unveils new access and utility

We've stayed ready


We've mapped out our coordinates and are ready for takeoff, are you? Space is unpredictable, but prior to reveal we'll be sharing bits and pieces of the story, giving you clues to where we might be heading next.



Rock Out On A Night You'll Never Forget

The Reveal - Find Out Who's In Your Crew



Merch. Brands. Experiences. Together.

Let The Games Begin



We Might Not Be The Only Ones On This Planet

Friend. Foe. Build. Destroy. The Decision Is Yours.


Our Crew

A group of artists, creatives, and developers working together to explore and create new worlds beyond the confines of their little green planet. A message from our founder, Coasthawk, can be found here.

Our Fearless Leader
Neon Tusk
Space Entrepreneur
Cool Fonzarelli
The Man Behind The Art
Navigating Our Coordinates
Unpacking the 0s and 1s
Dr. En
Figuring Things Out